Our Work in the Community


From the great folk who make up the FlexiGroup family through to our customers, People are Who we are, What we do and Why we do it. 

Driven by the respect we hold for people; our customers, our employees, and the tangata whenua of Aotearoa – our involvement in the community is focused on just that – people.

We’re proud to support the important work being undertaken which is addressing some of the most critical social issues impacting the people of New Zealand including mental health, suicide and domestic violence. 


Suicide Prevention

FlexiGroup is a proud supporter of Lifeline and the lifesaving work they do for New Zealand and its communities.

In 2018 FlexiGroup responded to the funding shortage Lifeline faced donating $72,000 as part of The 72 Club campaign.

With hundreds of employees, FlexiGroup is committed to being part of the national conversation to raise awareness of the impact of suicide on the community and further understanding the important role business and the workplace can play in addressing the issue. 

Domestic Violence Prevention

One in three women in Aotearoa will experience some form of abuse within their relationship, with many more coming dangerously close. This violence can have a lasting impact on the lives of women and children.

FlexiGroup doesn’t think this is OK and we’ve worked closely with Women’s Refuge to understand how as an employer we can support our people if they are victims of domestic violence. As part of this we have been rolling out Responsive Workplace training facilitated by Women’s Refuge. In addition to this we have developed an industry-leading Family Violence Support policy.


Men’s Health

Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. With a focus on mental health, suicide prevention and prostate and testicular cancer – FlexiGroup is a keen corporate participant and fundraiser for the annual Movember Challenge, raising funds for health projects for men here in New Zealand and around the world.

Employee volunteering

Caring for the communities we are a part of is something our people are passionate about. To fuel this purpose-led passion, every FlexiGroup employee spends one day a year volunteering for a cause that inspires them.

The causes our people have been proud to support include Eat My Lunch, City Mission, Sustainable Coastlines, Special Children’s Christmas Party and Cure Kids.

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Mental Health

Our message is simple: “It’s OK to not be OK”. We are all only human after all.

Bringing our full and true selves to work is vital – and this means challenging corporate culture to create an environment where it’s OK to not be OK, to ask for help and to look to a colleague for support – whether it’s about work or not.

On this journey, we are shifting our focus from simply raising awareness of mental health to making it part of our day-to-day dialogue. This includes rolling out mental health training to people leaders, providing free 24/7 counselling to employees – and importantly talking about mental health regularly.

Mental and physical wellbeing work hand in hand so all our employees have free gym access along with a range of other free activities across the year including meditation, massages, yoga and nutrition courses.